South Bay Community Association

Welcome to the South Bay Community Website. This is the Member’s comprehensive resource for Club news and announcements, information for activities and events at the Club, and archive for association business matters.

The South Bay Community Association (SBCA) is an association of 14 villages in the South Bay area of Port Ludlow, Washington.

Repair Project Update

Bay Club Repair Project Update (7/19/16).

The SBCA has received the building permit from Jefferson County, closed on the bank loan, and signed the construction contract with Ryan General Contractors.

Construction equipment staging will start on Thursday, July 21, with material deliveries and construction starting the week of July 25th. The construction project will happen in 4 phases; the pool portion of the building, the auditorium, the back of the Club and then the final phase of primary construction will be the front of the Club. After the primary construction phases are completed, then exterior painting will occur and lastly gutters will be installed. See primary construction Phases diagram below.

During the construction there will be many known (and possibly many additional unplanned) disruptions to use of the Bay Club meeting space, as well as disruptions due to noise. The Bay Club staff will do its best to alert affected groups and organizations to any known threats that may compromise their event as far in advance as possible . Parking at the Club will also be affected. The construction crew will be taking over the back small parking area near the intersection of Spinnaker and South Chandler Ct.

During Phase 1, the Pool & Spa are will be restricted from access - Pool & hot tub will be closed during this period.

Please call Mark at the Bay Club or Bert if you any questions.
Mark (437-2208) / Bert (437-0901)

Helpful Links to keep informed - during Hood Canal Bridge Inspections

Here are few links to help stay informed when there are travel issues or emergencies.

These links can be accessed with a computer, or with most phones (iPhone style phones). Cellular phones, like your iPhone can be handy during power outages to stay informed. You will typically need to turn on cellular data feature on your phone, as internet wireless access points use electricity and will be inaccessible. There are spare power packs and car chargers that can be purchased to keep your phone powered up during a power outage.

Nixel - a service that will text you information whenever an emergency situatiion arises: click here

WSDOT: keep track of Hood Canal Bridge opening and closures, and road conditions: click here

Nextdoor: A local Port Ludlow community page; this site has been very useful during power outages and other emergency events to update the community in real-time as developments occur. click here

SBCA Annual General Meeting, July 13th, 2016 - 3PM

The SBCA Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday, July 13th at 3PM in the Bay Club Auditorium.

Thank you SBCA Members for your time and participation! We began the meeting with 65% of the SBCA Members present in person or by Proxy.

Thank you to all the SBCA Staff and Volunteers that helped make this Annual Meeting a success!

Check In - Heather Ullman, Melinie Perry, Dana Marklund

Vote Tabulation - Bev Rothenborg, Sheila Twohey, Tony Durham, Rich Durbin

Food, Beverage and Decoration - Laura Kocker, Alan Ahtow

Event Set-Up - Marie Brown, Travis Eichholtz

Front Desk Support - Bonnie Anderson, Lynn Leon

The new SBCA Board of Directors for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 are:
Gil Skinner - President
Steve Frenzl - Vice President
Craig Henderson - Secretary
Dan Quail - Treasurer
Peggy Ponto - Director
Dick Meryhew - Director
Dave Jurca - Director

Results of the voting on ballot measures are as follows:

Ballot Item 1:  Should the minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting be approved? - APPROVED, 99% 

Ballot Item 2:  Should the minutes of the 3/19/2016 Special meeting be approved? - APPROVED, 98%

Ballot Item 3:  Resolved, that the 2016/2017 Operating Budget adopted by the SBCA Board is ratified. - APPROVED, 92%

Ballot Item 4:  Resolved, that the requirement that the financial statements of SBCA for the 2015-2016 fiscal year be audited by an independent certified public accountant is waived. - APPROVED, 77%

Ballot Item 5:  Resolved, that the first sentence of Article III, Section 4 of the SBCA Bylaws is amended to read as follows:  “At any meeting of members, a quorum is present throughout the meeting if members entitled to cast thirty-four percent (34%) of the membership votes are present in person or by proxy at the beginning of the meeting, except as otherwise provided in the Articles of Incorporation, the Declaration, or these Bylaws.” - APPROVED, 83%

Ballot Item 6:  Resolved, that all actions taken by vote of the members at prior meetings of members, in the belief that the quorum requirement for members’ meetings was reduced to 34% by a bylaw amendment adopted at the 2002 annual meeting, are hereby ratified by the members. - APPROVED, 89%

SBCA Financials: FAQ

The Annual Financial Statements can be found on the Finance Committee page. - Click here.
At the Annual meeting of Members a very familiar question was asked during the Financial Presentation to Members, in regard to cost of Member Socials. This topic has been a point of concern in regard to the SBCA Budget for over a decade. The reference to what monies are spent for SBCA Member Consumables is listed below:
Annual Meeting - 10%
Member Socials - 17%
Special Events - 13%
Coffee, Candy, Tea, Cider, Cocoa, etc. - 40%
Supplies - cups, stir sticks, paper plates, napkins,etc. - 18%
Other - 2%
Total Spent Member Consumables in 2015-2016: $13,160. Member Social Avg. per month - $190
Budget for Member Consumables in 2016-2017: $10,900 Forecast Member Social Avg. per month - $160

If you have questions or suggestions in regard to Member Consumables please email the Bay Club GM and the comments will be passed on to the Board or Finance Committee Chairperson.

Tennis Courts are now secured

Tennis Courts are now secured - check out the key for courts at the Bay Club Front Desk.
If you would like to be issued a tennis court key to keep, please email the Bay Club GM. The paperwork for key issuance is a 5-10 minute process. Please schedule an appointment. The GM is the only staff member that may issue keys (to leave the Club).